Sanctuary Restoration

A Prayer of our Pastor for the Restoration of the Church

“Dear Lady of Victory, St. Joseph, her most chaste Spouse and King Saint Louis IX, Patron of France and bringer of the Crown of Thorns, please pray to the Lord that the work we have begun in restoring the sanctuary and the church of Our Lady of Victory will be complete as a sign of your people’s piety, their love of the Most Blessed Sacrament and of the Liturgy of the Catholic Church, and their loyalty to the doctrines of that Church and to her alone. We thank the Lord, through your most holy intercession, that we have been privileged to take on this mighty task. Please pray for the works of Arte Granda, the many laborers, the architects, the office staff and especially our Most Reverend Bishop, who has initiated this work with his gracious and very swift permission. We beg a special blessing for the donors, who are offering so much for the restoration and for the several other people who have sent in money for it without even being asked. All of this is through your gracious intercession for the Glory and Majesty of the Most Holy Trinity. Amen.”




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